Originally from Southern California, Ms. Yip has performed with dance and theater companies in Boston, San Francisco, and New York. She got her start professionally as a modern dancer immediately after college, ultimately branching into musical theater, professional cheerleading, and various forms of ethnic dance including as a featured principal dancer in performance samba (both Bahia and Rio).

After working as a choreographer for fitness competitor routines, her work received national exposure when she was
selected as both choreographer and feature dancer for the Ms. Fitness USA national and world competitions, sponsored by 24 Hour Fitness, and televised on ESPN. Dance and company experience include Ace Entertainment, The New England Patriots Cheerleaders, Samba Tropical and the Bally's Fitness Dance Team. She is currently studying advanced Flamenco from such renowned Spanish teachers as Jose Molina, Omayra Amaya, Oscar Valero, and Nelida Tirado.

An early love of the theater emerged for Ms Yip, who has performed both classic and contemporary plays since a young age. Favorite stage credits include "A Chorus Line" (Regional - Connie Wong) and of course RANT (Tamayo). Ms Yip currently trains at The Barrow Group Theater school in New York and also recently completed Improv Comedy 101 at the Upright Citizens Brigade. She plans to expand her repertoire to include improv and/or standup comedy. Film credits include Year of the Dragon, Matrix II, and East Broadway.

Ms. Yip currently lives in New York City and, in addition to her dance and theater pursuits, works as a commercial model and actor.

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